Comic Life 3.0.5 for Mac & Windows Released!

Comic Life 3.0.5 for Mac & Windows update is now available!

This 3.0.5 update, along with various bugfixes and stability improvements, brings the following improvements:


For Mac: 


  • Improved handling of images from photo library
  • Eliminated thin lines drawn over the comic at certain zoom levels
  • Improved handling of embedded EPS files
  • Fixed a problem with duplicated elements when importing older comics
  • Other fixes and stability improvements


For Windows:


When installing the update, it will ask "Are you sure you want to uninstall this product?" Choose Yes. And it will then uninstall and reinstall the 3.0.5 update.


  • Improved handling of filenames, especially "[" & "]" characters
  • Fixed a bug where Zoom and Front/Back buttons become disabled after selecting then deselecting text in a balloon or caption
  • Fixed a bug where menu text was not displaying correctly for some users
  • Improved support for running the app from a server
  • Improved stability and support when handling EXIF data in images
  • Inspector tabs now fully clickable.
  • Other fixes and stability improvements puchasers of Comic Life 3, please update from within Comic Life 3 or from our downloads page.


Users that have purchased Comic Life 3 from the Mac App Store - can obtain the update through the "Updates" section in the Mac App Store.


Happy Comic Life!

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