Comic Life 3 Upgrade:
Authorizing your existing Comic Life Order

Instructions: Please locate AT LEAST TWO of the following pieces of information and enter the details in the fields at the end of this page:

  • Email address: The email address you were using when you purchased Comic Life.  You DO NOT need to still have access to that email address used previously.
  • Order Number: The order number received when you ordered. Is located in the subject line of the confrimation email received after purchase. Begins with STxxxxxx
  • Serial Number: You can find this by:

If you have Comic Life 1, Comic Life Deluxe or Comic Life 2:

Step 1 - Comic Life 1 or Comic Life Deluxe: Open Comic Life and go to Help > Check Registration...

OR, if you have Comic Life 2 - Open Comic Life 2 and go to Help > Register...


Step 2 - On the following window, please click the "Update Registration..." button.


Step 3 - Copy (control+C) the serial number that appears in the Comic Life Registration window and paste (control+v) it into the "Serial number" field below. Then you can click "Cancel" in the Comic Life registration window to get out of the registration window.


Step 4 - Once your Comic Life purchase has been validated you can then proceed to the store to upgrade to Comic Life 3!

Note: You only need to complete TWO of these fields correctly to validate:

Email address: 
Order number: 
Serial number: 

Privacy: plasq values your privacy, and will not store your email address, order number or serial number, but only use it to validate your copy of Comic Life.

If you have any issues please contact us via the contact form.